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        Chris’ style is simple, never overwhelming.  He first gets to know you, and then your pet.  The training starts out simple, building first confidence in your training skills.  Stress is never part of any session so the stress is never passed onto your pet.

        Training time is based not only on your schedule, but what you feel is good for your pet. Chris listens, doesn’t judge and has a natural ability to keep you and your pet engaged in the training. 

        Chris takes the time after your training session to send emails and training information. You can always reach him in between appointments. We highly recommend him for your pet.



       Gary and Carol Schneider

A positive approach to training

        I just wanted to write a note of appreciation for the excellent training work you did with Genesis, our Chocolate Lab. You really exceeded our training expectations. Not only did you make an immediate connection with Genesis and us, we were quite surprised that Genesis responded so positively to the various items you worked with her.  

        My wife and I also were thankful for the many tidbits of knowledge you shared for every question we had.  Your knowledge of the subject was evident as well as your passion.  

        While Genesis had been previously well behaved, the additional structure given to her through your training has further benefited our whole family.  My wife and I are truly appreciative for your fine work.



        I am writing to state what a great dog trainer Chris Knutson is! Chris has been working with my Yorkie mix for about one year to eliminate various bad behaviors he had acquired. After a few short lessons, Sparky would obey simple commands when directed. Since we travel with him frequently, barking at filling stations was a huge problem. Again, Chris worked with us and Sparky over an extended period of time to change that behavior. Through Chris' guidance, Sparky now has confidence when he is faced with a new situation - he looks to me for guidance, rather than reacting by barking and using other out of control behaviors.

        My husband and myself are thrilled with just how far Sparky has progressed. Chris was able to demonstrate positive behaviors for my husband and myself to utilize to train Sparky rather than resorting to punitive measures. Never once did Chris criticize me for failing to follow through with a new technique or make me feel inadequate, like I had with our previous training sessions. When Sparky was about six months old, I took him to a dog training program that was recommended by my veterinarian. As soon as we walked into the hall, Sparky began to shake and tried to hide in my arms or under my chair. Dogs were misted with water when they misbehaved. Bark, get misted; owners fail to follow through with the correct "sequence", get misted. My normally happy dog, who loved to walk, refused to walk with me - I almost needed to drag him to keep him moving. The second session was no better. Sparky shook the entire session. Clearly, he was feeling traumatized. Sessions with Chris are completely different. Chris does not use punitive measures to gain Sparky's compliance; instead Chris trains Sparky using a firm, but kind and gentle, voice. Sparky loves his sessions with Chris! While Sparky's bad behaviors have not all been extinguished, we are progressing.
        Chris thinks "outside of the box" when he works to eliminate behaviors. Recently, he brought us a fake, real looking hand on a stick, so that we could work on desensitizing Sparky's feet so that we can cut his nails.

        A friend of mine adopted another dog,  who was in need of training. She also tried the first dog training school that I had. She, also, did not like what she experienced. I told her about Chris and she made an appointment. She, too, loves the different approach that Chris has with the dogs. We call him our "dog whisperer."
        In closing, please consider hiring Chris to work with your dog. You will be glad that you did!


Ann -RI