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"Many people use force because of the myth about “getting dominance” over their dogs. But yelling at a dog, reaching for her collar, and shaking her is a very primate kind of thing to do, not something that she will inherently understand. It might make her afraid of you, and it might make her pay a lot of attention to you, but it won’t teach her what you’d like her to do. Giving a dog a hard jerk on her collar is like rapping a child’s hand in school when she gets the wrong answer. It may make the child afraid of making a mistake, but it doesn’t do anything to teach her the right answer. Because aggression does work on some dogs in some cases, some people use those successes to justify harsh treatment of all dogs under all circumstances. But just because something that is wrong and cruel is sometimes successful is no reason to advocate it. You can torture and intimidate people to get them to do what you want, and if you use enough force and control, it will work. That doesn’t make it acceptable."

My name is Christopher Knutson. I have two dogs, a chocolate Labrador Retriever named Chloe, and a Hound mix named Annabelle. When I bought Chloe I took her to quite a few trainers in the area and paid top dollar for services. Needless to say it didn't serve me too well. The cookie cutter approach to training didn't work out. I started doing research on how to train my own dog. It was then that I came across the Animal Behavior Institute. I have been studying and learning about dogs for roughly 2 years.  In addition to my education, I have hands on experience working with a wide range of canine behaviors. I am a positive dog trainer. I could fill up this website on reasons why, but the excerpt below from The Other End Of The Leash (2002) by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D sums it up perfectly. 

A positive approach to training